Hare extract with melon molasses, spring onions and garlic crystals

Las Rejas
Chef: Manolo de la Osa
Country: Spain
City: 16660 Las Pedroñeras
Address: Borreros, 49
(+34) 967161089

The ingeniousness and excellence that have made Manolo de la Osa a sensation in 2004 are probably insufficiently addressed in this section. No one dish notably stands out, though there are five or six that deserve the highest marks. The cockles and trout roe with cauliflower cream reinforced with sea urchins and impregnated with anis fragrance regales us with a “10” in sauce within a sea of sensations. The goat cheese and green tomato soup with basil, mint and lemon thyme is capable of competing with the most liquid, refreshing and aromatic broth you can imagine. The raw prawn with amaz...