Madoninna del Pescatore

Tortellini de parmesano con carne cruda
Moreno Cedroni
Country: Italy
City: 60017 Senigallia – Marzocca (AN)
Address: Lungomare Italia, 11. 5 km al sur
(+39) 071698267
Closed: Sunday nights (except in the summer)
Price: 60/120 €
Tasting menu:: 60/80/120 €

Moreno Cedroni is one is the greatest ambassadors of modern Italian cuisine.
His talent manifests itself in different ways, not only expressed through cuisine, but as an excellent personal communicator as well, with a very natural charm. In his work he unveils himself like few professionals do, with a pleasant, discreet style, putting his principles in action at the important international events where chefs interpret both each other and their creations.

Madonnina del Pescatore is a bit like a mirror of his soul, as well as that of his wife Mariella.