Plum square with pâte sablée (2007)

Plum square with pâte sablée (2007)
Chef: Alexandre Bourdas
Country: France
City: 14600 Honfleur
Address: 22 place Hamelin - 14600 Honfleur
(+33) 02 31894080

Sous-chef to Régis Marcon at Saint Bonnet, chef of Château de Sully in Bayeux, executive chef of Michel Bras’ Japanese restaurant in Toya, culinary successor to Jean-Georges Klein in Baerenthal… Alexandre Bourdas’ career has been tremendous. In 2006 he opened his own restaurant in Honfleur with his wife, harvesting an instant success. His cuisine is luminous and illuminated, with aromas, flavors and textures intermingling in perfection. One of the greats.