Taverna del Capitano

La zuppa di frutti di mare con fagottini al fegato di scorfano e ravioli di scor
Alfonso Caputo
Country: Italy
City: 80068 Massa Lubrense (Nápoles)
Address: Marina del Cantone. Piazza delle Sirene, 10-11
(+39) 0818081028
Closed: Monday, Tuesday midday and from January 8 to March 3
Price: 80 /120 €
Tasting menu:: 55, 75, 90 €

Raw materials are a creed in this establishment—it has agreements with the local fisherman, from whom it acquires the best the sea has to offer in these parts. One could argue about the generosity of nature, but not the size and freshness of fish and shellfish that inspire us to praise the knowledge of the Caputo family. From this premise, even knowing that there are favored dishes of its clientele over time, it is advisable to ask what has been caught that day.