My “cima alla genovese”

Mi “Cima a la Genovesa”
Trussardi Alla Scala
Chef: Luigi Taglienti
Country: Italia
City: 21121 Milano
Address: Piazza della Scala, 5
(+39) 02.80688201

A splendid deconstruction/reconstruction of a classic dish from Liguria (the region where the chef comes from). The “cima” is served practically broken down. Each one of its components are “reconstructed” in the dish according to the personal style of the chef, paying homage to his beloved Piedmont region in northern Italy. The distinct elements are arranged over a delicate cooked cream (panna cotta) with peas in such a way that the guest tastes, in different bites, the sweetbreads, the peas and the crunchy pine nuts, the quail egg, the chopped pieces of mortadella, the beef marrow ...