Crujiente Vegetal: Hojas Silvestres y Yogur de Cabra.

Crujiente Vegetal: Hojas Silvestres y Yogur de Cabra
Chef: Joachim Wissler
Country: Germany
City: 51429 Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg
Address: Kadettenstrabe

Joachim Wissler is a chef that emotionally moves his guests– a seducer of palates, if you will. For all the beauty his dishes express, for the intellectual construction they demonstrate… never revealing what flavors they hold until the moment in which you taste them. Hiding exciting elements that satiate the guest with pleasure. One is conquered by the primary truth of gastronomy – good taste – but at Vendôme one senses not just good taste… exquisite taste. To such an extent that we can, even must confirm that only a very select few chefs in the world have impressed us as much f...