Calle Fegth
Country: Noruega
City: 7010 Trondheim
Address: Ørjaveita, 4
Closed: At midday
Price: 70/150 €
Tasting menu:: 75 €

A diverse business that combines a café, a small restaurant and a pub that are all simple, charming and as charismatic as the owners: Heidi, the chef, who cooks for the Real House of Norway, and Calle Fegth, a famous poet, intellectual and owner of a wine cellar; a clairvoyant and affable man.
This casual place proposes one of the most promising cookeries in Norway made by a restless team of young people. Product quality and cooking techniques are the most outstanding aspects of the restaurant. The locals of Trondheim say that their area hosts the best scallops in the world. And this might be true! If not, taste the carpaccio made with gigantic scallops (one piece weighs 125 grams), sliced into 1-millimeter-thick medallions that brim with freshness, juiciness and taste. A delight that is accompanied with cucumber, Chinese chicory and dry fruit salad; mind-blowing. Another glorious product in Trondheim is the crayfish, beautiful, grilled in its shell with butter, utterly smooth and tasty, just garnished with a funny apple brunoise, served in the right quantity. Two other delicacies from the Arctic in one dish: halibut browned with butter cooked on one single side and salmon roe, explosive and delicate, lain over a boundless vegetal layer made of small white and red onions, celery, turnip,… A composition that reflects the personality of the house and of the Scandinavian cookery: idyllic combinations between meadows and ocean. Naturalist inspiration that tends to preserve green and local products.
In short, Credo offers the best of the sea and of the vegetable garden through simple, very vivid and young dishes that transmit latest modernity and identification with ecosystem.