Cod tripe stew with saffron and puntalette risotto

Estofado de callos de bacalao con azafrán y risotto de puntalette
Tristan Bistro
Chef: Gerhard Schwaiger
Country: España
City: 07081 Portals Nous (Mallorca)
Address: Puerto Portals, local 1
(+34) 971675547

Gerhard Schwaiger wonderfully demonstrates his noble style with this dish - erudite, academic, and cosmopolitan, with technique and efficiency at the forefront. This particular example is imbued with enormous clarity, intermingling Mediterranean cultures in order to achieve a dish of great substance and complexity in which two contradicting yet complementary textures are juxtaposed – gelatinous and crunchy – with the luring saffron flavor standing out, completely dominant on the palate, above the cod tripe and the pasta, its uniformity strengthened by the flavor of the base and by the q...