Winner of the VII Trophy: Sergio Bastard, "La Seu"

For his third participation in this contest, whose finalists were really stellar, Sergio Bastard eventually established himself as the leader against the distinctive and excellent Spanish and Italian cooks who took part in the competition. The young chef, from Sierra de Lóquiz restaurant, located in the Palacio Dos Olivos Hotel, in Galdeano (Navarra), next to Estella, is one of the most hopeful values in Spanish cuisine, as we can see through his cod dish, whose different avant-gardist techniques used to work on olive oil complete the main ingredient and give it all its charm and brilliantness. 



Dish: Cod marinated in ember oil, black olive earth and stones, oil and cod crystals sweets, smoothly roasted garlic, chili and purple cabbage sprouts.



Cod marinated in ember oil:
Cut a piece of cod, put into a vacuum bag, add ember oil and vacuum-pack at 65ºC (3 minutes).
Ember oil:
Option A: Take some ember, add olive oil, strain through a fine sieve and set aside. 
Option B: Introduce some smoke into a vacuum bag with olive oil, seal and let impregnate (30 minutes).
Black olives earth and stones:
Ingredients: 160 g mashed black olive, 80 g sugar, 40 g flour,
6 eggs.
Mix all the ingredients and put into a siphon with 2 charges.
Put into a plastic glass and half cook into the microwave oven.
Cook into the oven at 170ºC for 10 minutes.
Dry in a drying oven.
Black olive stones:
Leave a part of the black olive earth apart without blending.
Olive sweets:
Ingredients: 250 g Isomalt sugar, 50 g glucose, 200 g Confectioner’s sugar, 250 g water at 90ºC (5 minutes)
Mix and pour 500 g of olive oil in a delicate ribbon and blend softly.
Add 10 gelatin sheets.
Strain and leave aside for 5 hours.
Cod crystals:
Dry the cod skins for 30 minutes at 140ºC between two silpat mats.
Blend and then coat the sweets.
Smoothly roasted garlic:
Wrap a garlic clove into silver foil with olive oil and salt, Heat for 1 hour at 180ºC.
Take off the garlic and mix with a bit of olive oil.
Julienne the chili, put into water and set aside.

Purple cabbage sprouts