Egg yolk praline with iberian acorn-fed cured ham juice, Alba truffles and walnut butter foam

Praliné de yema de huevo con jugo de jamón de jabugo-bellota, tartufo de Alba y
Chef: Joachim Wissler
Country: Alemania
City: 51429 Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg
Address: Kadettenstrabe
(+49) 02204421941

Ingredients for 4-6 servings 2 sprigs of fresh parsley 50 g butter Parsley puree: Wash the parsley and separate the leaves from the stems. The stems will be used for the egg yolk praline with ham jelly. Brown the butter in a pan and pass it through a cheesecloth. Boil the parsley leaves in an abundant amount of salted water for 2 to 3 minutes. Cool them in ice water, drain carefully through a cheesecloth and blend until obtaining a fine puree. 6-8 eggs 600 ml chicken stock 150 g boiled ham, cut into large cubes 50 g raw bacon, cut into large cubes 50 g bacon 150 g chicken breast, cut into large cubes 20 g egg yolk 1/2 bay leaf 50 ml white balsamic vinegar 10 ground white peppercorns 150 g Iberian acorn-fed cured ham “Jabugo-Bellota”, thinly sliced 1 bunch parsley stems (from the puree preparation) Egg yolk praline with ham jelly: Separate the yolks from the whites without breaking the yolks. Remove the yolks and refrigerate. Set aside the egg whites. Combine the chicken stock, boiled ham, bacon, chicken breast, egg yolk, bay leaf, balsamic vinegar and white pepper and mix well. Cook in a frying pan over low heat stirring frequently. Leave to set for 2 hours. After an hour and a half, add the slices of “Jabugo-Bellota” ham and the parsley stems. strain the mixture carefully with a cheesecloth. For the ham jelly: 1 g agar-agar seaweed Ham jelly: Mix 200 ml of already cooled ham juice with 1 g powdered agar-agar. Cook for 1-2 minutes while stirring constantly. Pour the hot ham jelly into 6 whisky glasses, filling each one with 1 cm of jelly each. For the egg yolk praline: 600 ml water 18 g powdered calcium lactate 4 g powdered alginate Egg yolk praline: Dissolve the powdered calcium lactate in 500 ml of water. Dissolve 4 g of powdered alginate in 100 ml of hot water and leave to set for 2-3 hours. Mix 200 ml of the remaining ham juices with 40 ml of dissolved alginate and heat. Next, start adding the egg yolks one by one to the cold liquid ham-alginate mixture and pass them, with a spoon, through water with calcium lactate. Repeat the process for each egg yolk and neutralize them for 20 seconds in cold water. Reserve the egg yolk praline on a covered dish until service time. Cut the bacon into small pieces and fry them over low heat until crispy. Drain the bacon and blend until obtaining a fine powder. 75 ml chicken stock 75 ml chicken juices Salt Freshly ground nutmeg 200 ml toasted butter 7 g agar-agar seaweed Isi Siphon, 2 charges Walnut butter foam: Add the salt and nutmeg to the chicken stock, heating it to 50ºC/122ºF, and add the powdered agar-agar, mixing with a handheld blender. While stirring constantly, add the liquid butter, which should be at 50ºC/122ºF as well. Fill the Isi siphon with the mixture and insert 2 charges. Place the siphon in a bain-marie at 45ºC/113ºF. 20 ml chicken stock Salt, nutmeg, white pepper 1 tablespoon whipped cream 30 g Alba truffles, cleaned well Service technique: Warm the glasses in the oven at 80ºC/176ºF for 5 minutes. Add the lukewarm parsley puree and continue by adding the walnut butter and chicken stock. To finish, add the whipped cream, filling each glass with approximately 1 cm. of cream. Place the egg yolks and parsley and sprinkle with powdered ham. Shake the Isi siphon well and add 5-6 cm of walnut butter foam carefully. Decorate the dish with truffle slices and serve immediately.