Borage Pancakes Onto Clam Sauce

Borage Pancakes Onto Clam Sauce
Chef: Nicolás Ramírez
Country: España
City: 31300 Tafalla (Navarra)
Address: Plaza de Navarra, 4.
(*34) 948700852.

This legendary recipe was invented by Atxen Jiménez, who embodies the evolution of Navarra’s cuisine like no other. This is a clear example of what happened in the eighties, has been evolving and giving the house a constant series of successful results. The rule is to maintain the haute cuisine forms of that time as well as historic memory. In this case, three classical elements come to the meeting: a pancake, which was in fashion at the moment of its creation; a typical vegetable from Navarra that is integrated into the pancake dough and the filling; and an oceanic clam sauce, which is in fact an adapted version of the famous artichokes with clams from Navarra (borage instead of artichokes). All these ingredients are delicately refined, lightened and dressed up.

The Recipe



Ingredients (4 servings)
3 eggs
50 g butter
70 g flour
1/4 l milk
Borage leaves, cooked and strained

Whisk the eggs, add flour, melted butter, milk, borage –previously blanched in water–, bicarbonate and salt. Grind and sieve through a fine strainer.
Make the pancakes as thin as possible.


300 g borage leaves

Clean and cut into 3-centimeter pieces. Cook for 10 minutes into salted boiling water. Strain.


15 ml extra virgin olive oil
5 g chopped garlic
Chopped parsley
30 g flour
2 dozens of clams
50 cl fish broth
15 cl white wine

Make a classical sea sauce with all the ingredients. Remove the clams just when they get open, take off the shell and set aside until service.

Lay the cooked borage on a wafer, roll and coat with clam sauce. Close the wafer. If necessary, steam at 100º C for five minutes.

On the bottom of a dish, lay the clam sauce as well as 6 clams without their shells. Arrange the pancakes onto the sauce and give some brushstrokes of virgin olive oil.