Cabbage sushi with ginger foam and prawn ceviche

Sushi de Berza con Espuma de Jengibre y Ceviche de Gamba
Villa d´Amelia
Chef: Damiano Nigro
Country: Italia
City: 12050 Benevello (Cuneo)
Address: fraz. Manera

An original interpretation of sushi by Damiano Nigro in which the roll of nori seaweed is served whole rather than sliced, and the rice and fish filling is substituted exclusively with cooked cabbage. The fish element (raw prawn in a light ceviche) is placed on top of the sushi, accompanied by a delicate ginger foam. To give the dish a certain rhythm and intensity, a drop of tamarind is added. Result: a pleasant creation in which the flavor of the prawn, only lightly touched by the bitterness, is dressed with the different textures of marine and earthly vegetables (nori seaweed and cabbage), along with the freshness of the ginger foam and tamarind, expressing all its aromatic intensity. Damiano had the brilliant and daring idea to combine techniques and materials from different continents in a single dish, with the cabbage (a humble vegetable) being the sole ingredient from Piedmont, perfectly integrated in this globally spirited creation.

The Recipe



Cut the cabbage delicately and sauté with butter, remembering to wet with white wine vinegar halfway through.
When it obtains a soft, supple texture, remove from heat and leave to cool.
Shape into small cylinders of 30 grams with the help of plastic wrap then wrap them in the nori seaweed.
Clean the prawns.
Use two cylinders per serving.
A drop of tamarind syrup.

Ginger foam:

  • 500 g mineral water
  • 80 g ginger
  • Reduce to 300 g.
  • Then add:
  • 200 g lemonade
  • 2 gelatin sheets
  • Leave to cool.

Move to a siphon with a gas charge and store in the refrigerator.


Place the two cylinders of cabbage with nori seaweed on a plate, 7 centimeters from each other.
Cover each roll with a clean prawn, roughly the same size as the roll.
Dress the prawns with Maldon slat and a dash of grated lime zest.
Between the two prawns, to the left, arrange a generous point of tamarind syrup. To the right, with the siphon, arrange the ginger foam. Done!