Cold essence of basil with lime sorbet, ice-blended dill and hints of raw almond

Martín Berasategui
Chef: Martín Berasategui
Country: Spain
City: 20160 Lasarte-Oria (Guipúzcoa)
Address: Loidi, 4
(+34) 943366471

Martín Berasategui is one of the finest pâtissiers in the world, something which on two occasions has earned him the distinguished title of Pâtissier of the Year by Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía. His capacity to create triumphant recipes is astonishing. As a testimony, it suffices to mention the Dishes of the Year he has been awarded by Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía: 12; among which the timeless caramelized mille-feuille of smoked eel, foie gras and apple and the warm vegetable marrow salad with lobster, razor clams and cockles as well as lettuce cream and iodized juices.
Strangely, among such magnanimous creations, there have been no desserts included, perhaps unjustly, since you couldn’t ask for a more virtuosic, succulently refined dish than the hazelnut and egg soufflé, deserving of the highest accolades. Regardless of the past, two formulas are now more than worthy of the title Dish of the Year. The celery with frozen aguardiente, an example of utter perfection, and the cold basil essence with lime sorbet, ice-blended dill, cream and crisps of almond brioche, cinnamon cookie and lime-basil sorbet. It is an articulation that capitalizes on historic flavors, captured with an unsurpassable technique and exquisiteness, presented in stunning symphony. It has the added feature of the aroma and freshness released by the basil soup, giving it an audacity and even a certain insolence, contributed further by the petits pois, which insist on the apparent green character of this dessert. We cannot tell if it is more or less worthy than the other, it’s a question of tastes and of mood. But one thing is certain: it has a greater, more liberal tone.

The Recipe