Elicoidale (tube pasta) With Black Pepper and Pecorino Romano

Elicoidali, Pimienta Negra Y Pecorino Romano
Chef: Paolo Lopriore
Country: Italia
City: 53100 Siena
Address: Strada di Certosa, 82
(+39) 0577288180

This prodigious recipe visualizes the impressive philosophy and breathtaking artistic gift of Paolo Lopriore. A greater impact with such few elements could not be made. Aesthetics, sharpness, refinement and fantasy – the perpetuation of historic gastronomy! This is a daring recreation of simple macaroni, impregnated simply with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.
The base of the dish is covered with a spoonful of pecorino, as if it were a light dusting of snow, insubstantial and delicious, which melts in the mouth without the slightest gesture. Above, the macaroni are served two ways, one cooked traditionally, dressed with a few drops of oil, and the other, filled with an emulsion of olive oil and an infusion of fresh black pepper stabilized with agar. The playful manner in which the two pastas intermingle, offering different properties of flavor, texture and color, with the allure of the cheese that emboldens the capriciousness of the dish is nothing shirt of fantastic.

The Recipe

Elicoidali (Tube Pasta) With Black Pepper And Pecorino Romano

Ingredients for 4 servings:

  • 40 elicoidali
  • 40 g pecorino romano
  • 300 g water
  • 30 g fresh pepper, on the branch
  • 5 g agar
  • 25 g oil
  • Salt and fresh ground pepper


In a large pot, combine the water with half the pepper, bring to a boil; remove from heat and leave to infuse for approximately 30 minutes. Adjust the salt and strain.

Remove the infusion from heat, cool slightly, then bring it back to a boil; thicken with the agar and, after bringing it to a third and final boil over very high heat, cool it while stirring constantly with a whisk.

Once cool, add the oil and whisk the mixture as if it were a mayonnaise. Remove the peppercorns from the 25 g that remain, incorporate them into the preparation and blend at the highest speed possible for 5 minutes. Refrigerate overnight.

Separately, cook the elicoidali in an abundant amount of salted water; drain, lightly dress with remaining oil and, using a pastry bag, fill 24 pieces with the black pepper “mayonnaise”.

Heat the elicoidali in the microwave a few minutes and distribute onto 4 plates. Top with grated pecorino romano.