The Gardening

Le Calandre
Chef: Massimiliano Alajmo
Country: Italy
City: 35030 Sarmeola di Rubano (Padua)
Address: Liguria, 1
(+39) 049630303

This is the most natural, light, fresh, floral, aromatic and colorful tartar in existence. Nature in all its splendor. A delicate Piemontese beef, chopped and ground, seasoned and eaten with hands in its pure state. The flowers, more than simple decorations, powdered fruits – raspberries, currants and rose water –, as well as the arugula, bring gastronomic color to the raw product. The diner is converted into an accomplice, grasping the meat with their fingers, feeling around for the distinct elements; participating in the finished work. Defining possibilities, Massimiliano Alajmo wields his practice as second in command. Adding this or that flower or fruit, taking some away…with the inherent charm of placing his hand in the dish and deciding according to his aesthetic appreciation. And do what he may, he never questions the work of the master, which is above simple categorizations of good and bad, and always approaches everything with a gourmet perspective and an artistic mentality.

The Recipe