Homemade Blood Sausage, Arraño Beans, Cabbage and Vegetables

 Morcilla Hecha en Casa con Caldo de Alubias de Arraño, Berza y Vegetales
Chef: Eneko Atxa
Country: España
City: 48195 Larrabetzu (Vizcaya)
Address: Barrio Legina s/n
(+34) 944558866.

Eneko Atxa, an extremely talented cook, created this wonderful dish giving chromatism and modernity to a really rustic ingredient. From the sacramental elements of a forceful and abundant bean stew, considerably typical and achromatic, Azurmendi’s chef gustatively and –principally– visually updates traditional flavours with aesthetic sensitiveness and an unimaginable culinary technique.
The homemade blood sausage with Arraño beans, cabbage and vegetables is a new version of the typical bean stew. First, Eneko Atxa builds a daring and colourful round frame; a crown which reminds a modernist flower window. Then, he introduces some crunchy blood sausage made with Durango baby leek and Zalla red onion instead of tripe; a blood truffle curdled at low temperature and coated with toasted and dehydrated vegetables that is placed, as we said, on the orbital crown of a colourful ring of seasonal flowers. After marinating for three days and nights together with chopped hot chilli, the latter get spicy nuances. The dish is finished pouring some concentrated broth made of local beans and arranging some iced and crunchy garlic chips.
This proposal is all popular wisdom, technical and artistic vision of local land.

The Recipe



For the broth:
200 g red beans 200 gr.
½ onions
1 Euskal txerri’s trotters (Basque pork)
1 carrot
½ leek
Cook over a low heat for 1 ½. Strain and reduce 3/4 of the broth. Add salt. Texturize.
For the cabbage:
Chop the heart of the cabbage and remove the fibers. Fry the chopped elements and set aside on a hot table. Add salt.
Garlic chips and chilli rings:
Chop, brown and set the elements aside to make fine rings. Set aside.
For the melting blood sausage (about 140 units)
 0,1 l pork blood
 2 units leek
 ½ units Zalla purple onion
Spicy paprika
1,5 gelatin leaves
Chop and poach leek and onion brunoise over a low heat. Add blood, let curdle progressively. Add the gelatin, salt and paprika. Remove from the heat, introduce into vacuum bags and cook for 5-7 minutes at 60º C. Let cool immediately.
Once cool, make perfect balls and set aside.
Coat with black breadcrumbs.
For the spicy hints:
Seasonal flowers
Introduce the flowers and the chilli for at least two hours into a pot.
Finishing and presentation
Make a cabbage circle around a soup dish and garnish with two garlic rings and two chilli rings. At one side, place the blood sausage, previously coated and fried. Finish with the spicy seasonal flowers and serve with the concentrated bean broth in a separate jug.