Hommage To Iberian Pig Snout, Ear, Jowl And Stock With Potato Foam

Martín Berasategui
Chef: Martín Berasategui
Country: Spain
City: 20160 Lasarte-Oria (Guipúzcoa)
Address: Loidi, 4

Martín Berasategui has dedicated this dish to one of the most emblematic characters of Spanish, and for that matter international gastronomy: José Gómez “Joselito”. With the remains of its majesty the Iberian pig, he achieves here an outstanding recipe. The preparation is virtuosic and the flavor transmitted is truly delicate. The bones used in the immaculate stock give it a clearly identifiable character. The essence is reinforced with the flavors of the snout, ear and jowl, parts that provide a discernible personality and infinite tactile richness. It is supple, gelatinous-cartilaginous, meaty and crispy, in harmony with the three main elements. The hot potato purée with foam texture complements the dish wonderfully. It ratifies the character and ancestral inspiration of this “ode to Iberian pig”, that is perfectly refined by the modern technique. A few slices of chestnut, boiled and then char-grilled, onion and arugula sprouts put the finishing touches on this fine, light delicacy. Unspeakably delicious.

The Recipe