Oysters with spicy coconut, squid ink and lime

Chef: Jordi Vila
Country: Spain
City: 08025 Barcelona
Address: Indústria, 79
(+34) 932076115

In terms of modernity and virtuosity, Jordi Vilà’s cuisine is the most gastronomic in Barcelona. He proposes creative, reflective dishes that are generally inspired by harmony and traditional recipes. He innovates while preserving the essence, without eccentricities. This isn’t to say that on the menu you will find more cosmopolitan constructions bursting with fantasy and contrasts than any other establishment, but this certainly is the case for the raw oysters with spicy coconut soup, squid ink sauce, lime and cauliflower couscous – a brilliant gastronomic rainbow. In a word: immense.

The oysters, of the highest quality, are presented according to the ideals of the culinary canon – without the membrane that surrounds them. A meaty, oceanic sensation bursts in the mouth: waves breaking over the palate, drowning it in satisfaction. Such purity of nature is then impressively redressed with sophisticated accoutrements, engendering art into the dish: gelatinized coconut milk with a light touch of spice, a few drops of squid ink sauce, a synthesis of both with an infusion of sea water, grated cauliflower, lime zest, ginger gummy bear and olive oil. Exciting complements.

The Recipe