Razor clam in almond oil

Razor clam in almond oil
Casa Gerardo
Chef: Pedro y Marcos Morán
Country: España
City: 33438 Prendes (Asturias).
Address: Ctra. AF 19, Km.9
(+34) 985887797

It is likely that this dish best reflects the style marked in 2007 and then confirmed in 2008 by Marcos Morán. An absolute “10” for the shellfish, served raw and hot over a purely minimalist construction, sapid and colorful, with the magnanimous presence of a nut. Here, the almond appears with a magical touch (oil) and a brushstroke (fat), displaying brilliant contrasts. This concept, these techniques, similar ingredients… they make up the body of a talented repertoire, one which is molding this young chef, called on to take his place at the highest levels of Spanish cuisine.

The Recipe


  • 1 razor clam
  • 200 g almonds
  • 200 g almond oil


1.) Grind the 200 g of almonds with 100 g of almond oil Strain until obtaining a uniform paste.
2.) Wrap the razor clam in a sous-vide bag with 10 g of almond oil.
3.) Cook at 62ºC for 2 minutes.


Place a brushstroke of almond paste onto a slightly concave dish. Top with the freshly cooked razor clam, out of its shell. Dress with the juices that remained in the sous-vide bag along with the almond oil.