Red onion gnocchi with spicy nuances over a base of baby squid and sautéed garlic shoots

Guggenheim Bilbao
Chef: Josean Martinez Alija
Country: Spain
City: 48001 Bilbao (Vizcaya)
Address: Abandoibarra Etorbidea, 2 .
(+34) 944239333

Josean Martínez Alija possesses a creative capacity of universal acclaim. Over time he has managed to dictate a personal style all his own, defined by essence and immaculate flavors. He is one of the few chefs alive that can be identified by merely seeing his dishes, the way he constructs them, his use of minimalism and colors… always expressing extraordinary beauty. He has a privileged mind that allows him to conceive brilliant formulas that combine imagination and perfection. His work in 2007 deserves two Dish of the Year awards, not to mention other inspired and virtuous creations. If the grilled petits pois with egg yolk, onion and vanilla excite the senses through their artistic sublimation of the raw product, the red onion and cayenne gnocchi with baby squid broth and mini zucchini reach the zenith of intangible fantasy. Without the use of meat they produce an incredible sense of purity and substance. Gelatinous gnocchi enclose clean flavors, first of onion, then the flavor of the baby squid broth and, lastly, the tempered spice of the Cayenne pepper in the aftertaste. Elements swim in the concentrated, liquid broth that expresses the quintessence of the cephalopod and a few mini zucchini decorate the simple, reflective composition, of unsurpassable exquisiteness.

The Recipe