Scallop with mortadella, apple and fennel

Vieira con Mortadela, Manzana e Hinojo
Chef: Fulvio Pierangelini
Country: Italia
City: 57027 San Vincenzo (Livorno)
Address: Piazza della Vittoria, 13
(+39) 0565701021

Essential cuisine, that which is capable of expressing many things—odors, flavors, textures, colors, etc. —with few words, requires extraordinary talent. A deep, reflexive character who has made an artistic style of this way of expressing himself is Fulvio Pierangelini. A chef who integrates base and form to achieve harmonious fantasy. We have here an example of infinite sensations created with exquisite sophistication. The genius of a mortadella cube in the center of a scallop, playing the role of a bold seasoning element without affecting the shellfish in any other way except as an aromatic, sapid and textural counterpoint. And then there is the garnish: the subtle acidity of apple offset by the attenuated sweetness of caramelized fennel; all of this gives life to the shellfish, with the wonderful detail of encrusted pan d’oro pieces that beautify an artistic scene of subdued tones. Creativity and perfection.

The Recipe


Clean the scallops, discard the shells and marinate them for 5 minutes in cider.
Using a small knife, make three holes in one side of each scallop and one more on the opposite side. Cut the mortadella into triangles and insert them into the holes. Cook 2 apples and 1 fennel bulb in a smoked tea syrup with ginger and cinnamon. Puree.
Cut thin slices of apple and cinnamon, then dry them in the oven until crispy.
Brown the scallops in oil, adding the remaining pieces of mortadella for flavor.
Spoon the apple and fennel puree into the plate and sprinkle a few small pieces of dried apple and fennel over top. Season with sea salt and a generous emulsion of extra virgin olive oil and cider.