Seaweed, herbs and root vegetable salad

Il Canto - Hotel Certosa de Maggiano
Chef: Paolo Lopriore
Country: Italy
City: 53100 Siena
Address: Strada di Certosa, 82
(+39) 0577288180

Paolo Lopriore is the chef with the most talent and culinary artistic dedication in Italy today. This daring proposal, cultivating the purity of nature in an exceptional, even unique way, is a result of his lucid and professional approach. The real brilliance is in the idea itself, the selection of ingredients, the purity that is expressed and the lack of western seasoning, particularly Italian, wholly without either oil or vinegar. Such historic, noble ingredients are substituted with intense aromas expressed with great subtlety: ginger, wasabi, mustard… bringing light and color to an otherwise strictly green composition.

The Recipe