Spaghetti with squid liver, oil and spicy pepper

Le Calandre
Chef: Massimiliano Alajmo
Country: Italy
City: 35030 Sarmeola di Rubano (Padua)
Address: Liguria, 1
(+39) 049630303

The best spaghetti dish known… and to get to know. If someone thinks that this is in some way an exaggeration, bring something to the table that compares. Honestly, in all our searching of Italian cuisine there aren’t any that size up.

The spaghetti are thick which allows the pasta, cooked truly al dente, to remain almost hard, stiff, chewable, tactile, offering a striking flavor of extraordinary nobility. The sauce, prepared with Norway lobster and clam juices, reinforced with raw squid liver, impregnates the pasta without penetrating it, accentuating the flavor without altering any of the characteristics of the hard grain semolina. A few “spaghetti” of raw squid crowning the pasta add another al dente texture and reinforce the clean identity of this idiosyncratic dish that boasts so much personality.

The Recipe