Squab of Bresse with salt crust

Rio Asón
Chef: María Antonia Sañudo
Country: Spain
City: 39800 Ramales (Cantabria)
Address: Barón de Adzaneta, 17
(+34) 942646157

This is without a doubt one of the finest squabs that can be found anywhere in Spain. What’s the secret? First, there is a standard variety used: the squab comes from Bresse, weighing about 450-500 grams each, and is tender and very flavorful. Secondly, the preparation technique has two components: on one hand, the body, covered by a crust of salt, flour, and egg white, is roasted whole in the oven at 230°C for 10 minutes. It is then removed from the oven and left to stand for another 10 minutes. The breasts, which remain completely and uniformly red, are then cut, releasing their juices against the knife - they have an unprecedented, delicate flavor. On the other hand, the upper part of the legs are deboned and stuffed with pine nuts and raisins, then breaded with chopped parsley, sage and rosemary, and fried rapidly so that the surface becomes crispy while the interior remains succulent, as a consequence of the breading and the herbs. Finally, juices from the squab, perfumed with the wild aromas of the herbs, finishes off a recipe in which truth, work, and erudition prevail… savoir-faire.

The Recipe