Truffle risotto

Château Cordeillan-Bages
Chef: Thierry Marx
Country: France
City: 33250 Pauillac
Address: Route des châteaux
(+33) 0556592424

Three Thierry Marx dishes deserve a place in this category of great culinary creations. The pressed smoked eel “land and estuary” with acidulated apple and cereal toast, inspired by the well-known terrine of foie gras made famous by Martín Berasategui; the mi-cuit tomato with caviar, oysters and gelatinized oyster cream, reminding us of the “millefeuilles” that Joel Robuchon made with the same vegetable, even if the rest of the ingredients have nothing to do with it—among other reasons, because those tomatoes were alternated with spider crab; and this one that looks like a tribute to Ferrán Adrià. All of this clears up a lot about this chef, who looks for ideas in the world’s greatest celebrities.

This is a risotto in which the force of nature is exalted—it is absolutely vegetal, super-refreshing, scandalously crispy, in which soybean sprouts, all but raw, take the place of rice. A mountain of sprouts without the tail enveloped in a creamy sauce perfect for this type of preparation, along with the allure of two delicacies that wonderfully accompany the sprouts, bringing exquisite contrasts: oysters and truffles.

The Recipe