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Knowing full well that all punctuation is uncertain and tentative in so much as assessing different foods is concerned –due to multiple, ever changing factors such as variation in product quality, exactitude in cooking times, harmonies among certain elements, plasmation of sauces, etc.–, it is our objective to examine and determine, in as much as is possible, the experiences of the gourmets of the great restaurants, and to be in tune, more or less, with their opinion. Without a doubt, it is not possible to publish a trustworthy guide without checking the diverse conclusions of the enthusiastic and knowledgeable public who follow this project.

We hope to have your cooperation on this, since we are all called upon to influence in the prestige and in the culinary designs that engross our lives. Therefore, we would be extraordinarily appreciative if you would make your opinions available to us in both the national and international fields. You can do so in an anonymous fashion and without our publishing any details, or signed and validated; two legitimate options that we will respect with maximum discretion. You have the floor.

Please note that every opinion received by lomejordelagastronomia or has the objective or the intent to be, more or less, agreed upon by the readers of our guide and website. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.