Cipolina a la Brace Prunotto

Azienda Agricola Prunotto Mariangelina

Country: Italy
City: 12051 Alba (Cn)
Address: Via Osteria, 14
(+39) 0173441590
Price: € 5 for a 300 g jar

An estate with 25 hectares of land in which the entire fruit and vegetable process is carried out, from cultivation to preparation and canning. In this case there are only 5,000 kilograms of small, quite uniformly sized onions.
They are first blanched in vinegar and wine, then run through a gas grill to give them color and a rustic touch before being conserved in oil, which is how they are sold. What really stands out is their texture, crisp and tender at the same time, with a neat cut. Immaculate, very natural flavor, with subtle acidity; we could classify them as aromatized, with the smoothness and flavor imparted by the olive oil.