Comté Badoz Extra Sélection Prestige Cheese

Fromageries Badoz

Country: France
City: 25300 Pontarlier
Address: 4, Rue Eiffel
(+33) 038139398020
Price: € 17 the kilo

Comté is raw milk pressed cheese that is presented in round slabs of 63 centimeters in diameter and that weigh 42 kilos. It is produced in the Massif de Jura, a semi-mountainous region situated in France-Comté. It comes from Montbéliarde cows, each of which receive at least one hectare of pasture in accordance to regulations of the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, the first cheese to have this title in France. About 190 small dairies are in production.

Badoz is a legendary name in the region and in the product. It is offered in various cured stages: the normal from 4 to 6 months, Extra Sélection from 6 to 10, Grand Saveur from 9 to 13 months, and Extra Sélection Prestige from 12 to 18. Independent of these, of the season, etc., its extraordinary quality always prevails, guaranteed. It tastes of exceptional milk, dense, concentrated, “condensed”, and immensely rich. Other characteristics: it possesses a strong aromatic power, resulting very fruity with memories of meadows and herbs. It is easy on the palate and urges you to keep eating more.