Conceição Marques Sheep’s Cheese

J.A.S. Lica

Country: Portugal
City: 2950 Palmela
Address: Brejos de Carreteiros. Quinta do Arjo.
(+351) 964167884
Price: 1,75 and 4 € the 125 and 250 g pieces

This is Conceicão Marques’ version of a common cheese made on both sides of the ancient border between Spain and Portugal: Torta del Casar, Torta de la Serena, Torta da Serra are a few of the names given to this variety of cheese. All of them are characterized by their incredible creaminess and substantial flavor, made with ewe’s milk and curdled with cardoon flowers. The type in question here is offered in small quantities that facilitate consumption without affecting the characteristics or quality, though the 250 gram piece is preferable.
Intense flavor of ewe milk, very concentrated, fatty, filling the palate with nobility and natural purity, with a light acidity and a minimum amount of bitterness that gives it character. Substantial but very balanced. When fully ripened the consistency is fluid – liquid delicacy hidden within its distinguished density.
This is an extremely limited product of exceptional quality that is sold only in the Setúbal market on Wednesdays and directly to a handful of select restaurants.