Elfos Fungi Mousse

Wild Fungi, S.A.

Country: Spain
City: 42146 Cabrejas del Pinar (Soria)
Address: Pol. La Nava.
(+34) 975373136
Price: 16€ for 280 g jar

A clean, natural, pure fungi flavor – boletus edulis, porcini, and more porcini – with a sharp aftertaste, at all times delicate, markedly wild, of the soil and forest: velvety. The intensity and elegance are meticulously balanced. A creamy texture of dense, elusive mousse that is very pleasant. The tonality of the plentiful foam and fungi, the presentation of the jar inspired by the shape of the mushroom and crowned by a cap on top, imitating the countless marvels of the porcini.

Besides the fungi, this mousse contains white truffle, olive oil, vegetables, cream, eggs, flour, white wine, spices and salt.