Essenza D´Oliva Alex Nember

Essenza D´Oliva Alex Nember
Fattoria Ilparadiso

Country: Italy
City: 25080 Raffa di Puegnago su Garda (Bs)
Address: Via Paradiso, 10
(+39) 036562152
Price: 60 € for 25 cl bottles

The person who conceived this oil – Alex Nember – proves that he has an illuminated mind and a privileged palate. Beyond that, he is a progressive, brilliant man that doesn’t let anything get past him. At unprecedented latitude in the western area of Lake Garda, in northern Italy, he has planted 42 hectares of the frantoio variety, olives that he uses to produce an oil of universal esteem.

Both the bouquet and the palate forcefully call attention to its refinement, elegance, balance and harmony. Green aromas of herbs and meadows abound… a latticework of so many things. Its complexity is confirmed on the palate. Even a certain citric sensation appears with hints of lemon, as well as a trace of sweetness, with a bitterness that is barely noticeable, very nuanced, insinuating a slight spice in the finish that gently warms the mouth without ever culminating in an abrupt peak. It evolves, builds and rises up to the final flavorful explosion: an interminable finish that rolls over the palate without ever relenting to demonstrate its round, velvet nature at all times.
It is one of the finest in the world.