Jalancina Pears In Syrup

Jalancina, S.L.

Country: Spain
City: 46624 Jalance (Valencia)
Address: Colón, 70
(+34) 962196003
Price: 5.2 € for 720 g jar

Why is it that Carlos García is number one in Spain when it comes to fruit conserves in syrup? It’s because he acts as if he’s a leader in modern haute cuisine. First, he selects the best raw products. Second, he believes that every product must taste as it naturally does and, further more, maintain its innate texture. And third, the preparation: he cooks the product prudently, not allowing the best parts of the main ingredient to go into the sauce, and designs the function of the sauce in accordance. In a few words, the pears are precious, and good enough to be eaten with your eyes. Consistent in texture, firm enough to sink your teeth into them as you chew the substantial core, with a clean flavor of pear. The fruit is very aromatic and further illustrated by the delicious, complex syrup which produces a subtle sweet and sour sensation.