L’Agave Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Azienda Agricola Barbara Zenoni

Country: Italy
City: 57027 San Vincenzo
Address: Via San Bartolo, 19
(+39) 0565703171
Price: € 16 for a 0.75l bottle

Organic extra virgin olive oil inspired by the Pierangeline family (Gambero Rosso), made from Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio varieties. It expresses refinement and fruitiness, within a clear Tuscan character. Fresh, bold aromas of olives, herbs, vegetables and dried fruit; very evolutional and complex. It enters the palate delicately, subsequently becoming rich, with very light bitterness and tempered spiciness that intensifies in the aftertaste.

Limited production, sold in large part in the restaurant for 20% less than retail.