La Buena Olla grilled white bean

Legumbres Montes, S.L.

Country: Spain
City: 37427 La Vellés (Salamanca)
Address: Ctra de Pedrosillo, 8.
(+34) 923354007
Price: Retail price per kilo: Around 4.50 €

Eusebio Montes has created one of the most charismatic legume companies in Spain thanks to his Armuña lentils, his chickpeas (Fuentesaúco, Pedrosillano and Lechoso) and his white beans, both the cannellini and grilled variety. It is important to note that he uses two names in his business, his surname, Montes, for the lentils and ‘La Buena Olla’ for the chickpeas and beans.
The grilled white beans are primarily produced at Ribera del Tormes, more precisely in Francos, a small town 10 km outside Salamanca where they harvest around 40,000 kilos per year of an unprecedented quality for this variety thanks to the local soil. Legumbres Montes sold 14,000 kilos in 2001. With an ivory white tone when raw, they take on a beige, light brown color after cooking. They are fairly small, but ideal for those who love the texture of these beans without the skins, here almost imperceptible. They have a remarkably creamy texture, melting like butter in the mouth. The flavor combines delicacy with substance, possessing a singular flavor that is very balanced. In short, some of the finest beans in Spain.