La Gôndola Sardine Roe in Olive Oil

Fábrica de Conservas La Gôndola, Lda.

Country: Portugal
City: 4455-482 Perafita
Address: Rua Doctor Marcos de Cruz, lotes 19/20.
(+351) 229964712
Price: 9.50 € the 120 g can

A highly revered Lusitanian preserve that is known as “Portuguese caviar”. It is becoming considerably more exclusive due to current fishing trends.
They are small, exquisite eggs from large sardines seasoned and preserved in olive oil. Nothing more and nothing less than gastronomic artisanship inspired by the ancestral necessity to enjoy all that is offered. Its gastronomic value is furthered by using such a modest but interesting ingredient, highly idiosyncratic, expressing it in such a natural way. The flavor is that of roe and sardines, preserving all its purity and texture. Exquisite and delicate within the beautiful rustic aspect of the sardine.