Madernassa Pear in Pronotto Muscat

Azienda Agricola Prunotto Mariangelina

Country: Italy
City: 12051 Alba (Cn)
Address: Via Osteria, 14
(+39) 0173441590
Price: € 9 for 750 g jar

Roberto Vezzoso is an example worthy of imitation. On his 25 ha. estate, he cultivates fruits and vegetables that, after collection, are elaborated as hand-canned preserves. In this case there are only 40,000 kilos of this curious variety of pear. They come unpeeled with the core removed, in whole and halved pieces. Its consistent, granulated texture stands out: meaty, crisp, and clean. An extremely pleasant sweetness manifests on the palate, without excess, perfumed by the well-resolved Muscat syrup that enhances its qualities without affecting the natural flavor.