Paco Torreblanca’s Chocolate Caviar

Caviar de Chocolate Torreblanca
Paco Torreblanca

Country: Spain
City: 03600 Elda (Alicante)
Address: Gran Avenida, 103
(+34) 965388224
Price: 5 € for 125 g

Paco Torreblanca is the undisputed and inarguable master of patisserie in Spain. Trained in France, passionate about Italian patisserie, deeply knowledgeable on the indulgent patrimony of European pastries, a devotee of Japanese aesthetics… he is an erudite who manages concepts and techniques as you would expect from one of the world leaders in the profession. His bonbons are of a universal scale, the chocolate panettone and financier cakes as well… and what can be said of his innumerable tarts and pastries? He is a virtuoso and a creator. The artist transmits his genius through these candies, inspired by the idea that Ferran Adrià developed for the melon caviar but using completely different materials, he connects with tradition in his own way. They are small, crispy balls of cereals and nuts dipped in chocolate couverture. The crispy character, exceptionally crunchy, lets off an explosive impression, proceeding from the interior outwards, delivered by the cereal paste and nuts, with the creaminess derived from the couverture that encloses it. Both elements influence the flavor, though the chocolate prevails, with an exquisite, bitter taste that speaks to the treatment and selection employed in the preparation, using only the finest raw ingredients from the prestigious house of Cacao Barry. It is presented in the shape of caviar.