Pasta Selezioni Monograno Valentino Felicetti Farro

Pastificio Felicetti SAS

Country: Italy
City: 38037 Predazzo (TN)
Address: Vía Felicetti, 9
(+39) 0462501225
Price: 3 € for a 500 g package

The farro or spelt pasta (triticum dicoccum) is our favorite among those that can be considered of an ancestral, rustic culture. Farro, a grain that originated in Egypt, was highly esteemed in ancient Rome and today has come to be revered as an exceptional gastronomic product both in quality and quantity. This company, which produces different varieties like kamut, sells a sublime product in 4 different formats: spaghetti, penne rigate, rigatoni and fusilli. A pure, profound and unmistakable flavor of farro that harks back to artisan country bread – very distinguished. The texture is also interesting: dry and compact, it settles between the molars as you chew. A jewel of nature and of natural gastronomy.

Certified organic, it is grown in Umbria.