Queijadas de Sintra Sapa

Viuva Neves&Filho

Country: Portugal
City: 2710-630 Sintra
Address: Volta do Duche, 12
(+351) 219230493
Price: 3,80 € the packet of 6 small cheesecakes

The queijadas de Sintra are hugely famous in Portugal, with just a handful of artisans producing and marketing them in this adorable, historic little town included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The most long-running brand going back centuries and boasting a remarkable, well-deserved reputation is Sapa – an artisanal house that churns out a limited production of these truly exceptional delights. They are only sold from their office on the way up to the old town of Sintra.
The exquisite taste and balance stand out within the subtle complexity of flavor and texture. There are three distinct consistencies: light caramelization of the upper part, a juicy, spongy texture in the filling and a crispy fragility to the thin exterior that holds it together. The flavor is simply that of the ingredients used: curd, flour, egg yolks, sugar syrup and cinnamon… aromatic sensations that confront the palate with supreme delicacy.
They are sold in small pieces (amounting to about two bites each) or the larger versions of 12 servings each which for some reason seemed to be better. It is crucial to eat them freshly made or at the very latest the following day. After two days, though still good, they begin to lose their charming qualities.