Santa Teresa Egg Yolk Garnish

Yemas De Santa Teresa, S.A.

Country: Spain
City: 28290 Las Rozas (Madrid)
Address: Chile, 10. Edif. Madrid 92
(+34) 916369260
Price: 2.98 € for 100 g packet

To use a metaphor, these “spaghetti” are made exclusively from sweetened egg yolks, or at least this would be one way to define these classic strands. They are boiled in a light syrup and can be employed in a great number of ways, from pastry-making to charcuterie, and many other savory formulas. They have an intense orange color, clearly identifiable with the yolk, as is the flavor, with an enjoyable texture. Ideal for canapés where they contrast with smoked and savory products, cured meats, etc…
Truly artisan.