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Juan Antonio Zaldua
Juan Antonio Zaldua
Country: Spain
City: 48393 Forua (Vizcaya)
Address: B. Atxondoa, s/n.
(+34) 946253408
Closed: Sunday and Monday night all year, every night except Friday and Saturday from November 1 to April 30, and 15 days over Christmas
Price: 60/75 €
Tasting menu:: 45 €

  • Bacalao en contrastes
  • Bacalao en contrastes
  • Chipirones a la plancha con cebolla confitada y su caldo con aceitunas negras
  • Chipirones a la plancha con cebolla confitada y su caldo con aceitunas negras

What changed in Juan Antonio Zaldua’s restaurant to merit the higher rating? As a rule, the basic philosophy that has distinguished the establishment for years still remains intact, originally inspired by the owner. In other words, magnificent raw product, precise preparations and doneness, reflective articulations, and flavors deeply rooted in traditions… the sum of which produces immense satisfaction on the part of the client. Constructing modern sketches from traditional outlines or, similarly, creating modern, imaginative haute cuisine from popular inspiration. Immaculate delicacies dressed in sapid, colorful elegance that bear a distinctive quality, without pretense of sophistication.
Maintaining the integrity of the original spirit, there has been an evolution and improvements in certain terms. The articulation of the dishes is more lucid, increasing the impact of the new formulas within the concrete tradition. The cooking times have been reduced in honor of the purity of the textures and flavors of the ingredients, which are rapturous. And, finally, there has been a rise in sensitivity to the flavors, truly exquisite in many cases. In short: greater professionalism and a superior level of consummation from the proposals.
As is customary, many of the seafood and meat dishes are char-grilled - perfectly prepared over the embers with well-finished complements. This is precisely the case for the cod, simply heated over the coals, served in a beautiful onion soup adorned with a subtle fig vinaigrette. Another example boasting intellectual flavors: the mushroom txapela (cap), marvelously dressed with smoke fragrances, cupping in its breast a spider crab foam and egg yolk – a perfect integral creation with pure flavors. The octopus leg, first boiled then char-grilled, stuffed with bread and paprika and served with ice-blended paprika and herb gelatin is stimulating. The squid is sublime, also char-grilled, served with tomato toast and the ink. The grouper is academic in its minimalism.
A few historic dishes: the red mullet filets over striped venus clam rice; the turbot with vegetable-mushroom lasagne; the sea-steamed hake with kokotxas (cheeks) al pil pil (garlic and parsley); the sea bream with bread crumbs and garlic; different types of cod or the T-bone steak… in almost every case the products are char-grilled.