Miramonti L’Altro

Philippe Leveillé
Philippe Leveillé
Country: Italy
City: 25062 Concesio
Address: Via Cresette 34
(+39) 0302751063
Closed: Mondays and August.
Price: 90/140 €
Tasting menu:: 65, 75 y 95 €

  • Manteca de cerdo fundente en gelatina de mostaza y guarnición tradicional de Bre
  • Manteca de cerdo fundente en gelatina de mostaza y guarnición tradicional de Brescia
  • Perspectivas del cordero
  • Perspectivas del cordero

Philipphe Leveillé is a prodigious chef. For knowledge, technique, consistency and flavor, he deserves a top grade. If you like the French academic approach, don’t waste a moment in discovering him, and yourself… We stand before a virtuoso of the rings that unreservedly deserves the ranking. A bourgeois cuisine that values knowledge, erudition, succulence, refinement… and is representative of the high level gastronomy. Knowledge and understanding in its maximum expression. In the dining room, his wife, Daniela Piscini, and his brother-in-law, Mauro, practice a service that makes you feel like the most important person in the galaxy.

Everything here oozes with nobility. And, of course, the cuisine is of an exceptional honesty, quite uncommon in this world of so much deception. Honesty that is patent in the genres and proposals, with an almost superhuman effort apparent in the work. How much earnestness there is, not to mention study and labor, behind one of the dishes that has contributed most to this establishment being considered today one of the finest in all of Italy: the crescendo of lamb, ending in its blissful carré. An exhibition in different spaces and times of sweetbreads, liver, kidneys, feet, tripe, tongue, shank… each part with a different sauce that leaves room for the enjoyment of the delicate, buttery, and tremendously juicy meat. This majestic dish has gained as much fame as the immortal risotto with mushroom and sweet mountain cheese, the favorite on the “hit parade”, captivating in its excess and irresistible in flavor. Another glorious proposal is the mantecado ice cream (cinnamon and lemon zest) done in the moment, intensely aromatic and palatable: captivating. Subtlety has a name: gelatin of picolit wine with smoked foie gras foam; modern textures with traditional flavors. The pastas are copious, as much for the quality as for their preparation and accompaniments; the macaroni with sweet salmi preserves the idiosyncrasy of the pasta while enhancing the dish with the moderate plentitude of the meat. The farfalle with lamb sweetbreads and black truffle boasts precision and conviction, as does the rabbit ravioli with sage-oregano butter. The lobster with Jerusalem artichoke, lobster cream and crispy bits of the vegetable, is elegant, tempered and effective.

The millefeuille of escargots with a fantasy of mushrooms and sweet spices, the lacquered squab infused with an enhancing sweet and sour sauce with aromatic herbs… and the cheese selection, with more than 40 select possibilities, should motivate any gourmet to make the trip.