Damiano Donati
Country: Italy
City: 55010 Capannori Lucca (LU)
Address: Via della Chiesa 36 di Gragnano
(+39) 0583975026
Closed: Middays
Price: 50/80 €
Tasting menu:: 50 €

  • Pasta Cabello de Alguel con Jugo de Tomate, Albahaca, Melisa y Mejorana
  • Ensalada Verde con Algas y Cigalas Crudas
  • Espaguetones con Sardinas, Alcaparras y Limón
  • Farro Suflado con Bacalao Mantecatto y Gambas Crudas
  • Pichón en Dos Cociones con Salsa de su Propia Ave, Trigo y Remolacha Marinada
  • Risotto con Curry y Eneldo

This small restaurant located in a rural and rustic hotel is run by a young chef who is going through a splendid moment and is facing a really promising future. Damiano Ciomei, together with his sister Chiara, in charge of the service, started their business in February 2009. From the very beginning, they opted for a simple, feasible and clear project of modern haute cuisine. At his age (25), he could not be any more mature. He proposes funny, lively and thoughtful dishes that intermingle tradition and peaceful creativity and always rime with joy, refinement and harmony. Such as the green salad with seaweeds (wakame) and raw crayfish, seasoned with a tasty cream of mussels that have been crushed with their cooking water, enhanced with some dehydrated lemon and perfumed with marjoram, thyme and oregano. A really expressive, witty and –above all– fresh salad, both for palate and mind. Another example of character and evolutionary style is the souffléed farro pasta, proposed like a fried cod skin, crunchy, easy-broken, but without the typical doughy sensation. Two slices of souffléed barro pasta filled with cod and raw red prawns, like a sandwich. A dish to eat with the hands that gives an intense satisfaction. And then comes a clairvoyant reinvention of the spaghetti with tomato and basil, proposed as a fresh summer salad: vermicelli pasta, boiled and cooled down, soaked with a red juice of tomato pulp, cold as well, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and perfumed with basil, lemongrass and marjoram; sybaritic and utterly light. Another dish based on pasta, with the guarantee of Benedetto Cavaliere, one of the best brands, is the version of spagghetini, impeccably done al dente, immaculate, enhanced with sardines, capers and lemon. Damiano is also an expert on rice: just taste his risotto with curry and dill, that is synonymous with impacting consistency and creaminess, exciting tastes and fragrances that make all the difference. We finished with a noble and solid construction: pigeon in two versions –bloody breast and melting thigh– with sauce of the bird, wheat and marinated beet.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are before one of the greatest chefs that belong to the twenty-year-old generation that irrepressibly emerge in Italy, definitely.