Shang Palace

Frank Xu
Frank Xu
Country: Francia
City: 75116 París
Address: 10 Avenue d'Iéna
Closed: Martes y Miércoles
Price: 100/200 € €
Tasting menu:: 58, 70, 98 y 128 €

  • Cochinillo Lacado con Miel
  • Cochinillo Lacado con Miel A la Cantonesa
  • Crêpes de de Arroz y Pimiento Rojos Rellenas de Gambas
  • Crêpes de de Arroz y Pimiento Rojo Rellenas de Gambas
  • Salmón Lo Hei-Sashimi con “tagliatelle” de Medusa, Frutas y Legumbres en Juliana
  • Salmón Lo Hei-Sashimi con “tagliatelle” de Medusa, Frutas y Legumbres en Juliana, Marinadas y Agridulces con Salsa de Granos de Sésamo
  • Sopa de Tofu y Legumbres Verdes
  • Sopa de Tofu y Verduras
  • Dim Sum: Raviolis de Pasta de Arroz Rellenos de Marisco
  • Pato Lacado
  • Pato Lacado
  • Costilla de Cerdo Ibérico Asada
  • Filete de Cerdo Picado y Salteado con Cebollino y Buns al Vapor
  • Filete de Cerdo Picado y Salteado con Cebollino y Buns al Vapor
  • Crujiente de Hierba  Limón
  • Crujiente de Hierba Limón

 This hotel, one of the most luxurious in Paris, set up with Chinese capital, is gastronomically led by famous chef Philippe Labbé. Among the restaurants hosted in the building, this Chinese eating-house proposes traditional cuisine executed with the typical French savoir-faire. The dishes are materialized by about twenty Oriental cooks under the watchful eye of Frank Xu, a native who has turned to be amazingly constant and meticulous. In short, we are before a formal and sumptuous Chinese palace that serves the most typical dishes from that Asian country and where meats, thanks to the quality of the raw materials and to the perfection of the cooking techniques, are particularly brilliant.
The Peking duck, eminently and meticulously cooked, both skin and meat, is synonymous with almost unbeatable delight. As noble and as precisely cooked, here is the suckling pig, lacquered with honey, that expresses all the grandeur of both internal and external parts. Another masterpiece is the Iberian pork rib, thoroughly aromatized, tasty and gelatinous. Don’t miss the Dim Sum stuffed with different kinds of seafood: an exquisite and slightly gummy dough that brilliantly reveals the magnificence of the prawns, scallops and other sea treasures. Every dish means hard work, titanic efforts and overwhelming expressivity: Lo Hei salmon sashimi served with jellyfish “tagliatelle”, julienned fruit and vegetable –sometimes marinated or sweet and sour–, enhanced with sesame seeds sauce to form a bright, colourful and natural construction. This really tasty cookery made of fillings and stuffings appears again in dishes such as the rice and red pepper pancakes stuffed with prawns and vegetables. The tofu and green vegetable soup as well as the minced pork steak sautéed with spring onion and steamed buns are two safe and very satisfactory bets you can find in any of the menus proposed in this Palace of Oriental cuisine. Among the desserts, the crunchy lemon grass is a perfect symbiosis between two cultures and two commitments to savoir-faire.