Limoncello De Sorrento Villa Massa

Limoncello De Sorrento Villa Massa
Villa Massa S.R.L.

Type: Licor
Country: Italy
Region: Sorrento
City: 80063 Piano di Sorrento (Campania)
Address: Via Bagnulo, 111
(+39) 0815628154
Year established: 0
Production (bottles):
Vineyard area:
Price: 10 €

This emblematic liqueur of the Campania region is masterfully produced using lemons from the Sorrentine peninsula, giving it its idiosyncratic qualities. The selection of the lemons and the impeccable technique used in its preparation is what marks the difference in this limoncello, with more than a million liters produced every year, sold in over 40 countries worldwide.
It is distinguished by its profound, sustained and natural lemon aroma. The intoxicating fragrances are translated to the palate where it expresses its sweetness, though not overly so, with acidic tones, refreshing and warm, with the citrus holding the central role supported by the alcohol.
It is sold in different quantities: 500 and 1000 ml. Production of 1 million liters.