Petitjean-Pienne Brut

Petitjean-Pienne Brut

Type: Espumoso
Country: France
Region: Champagne
City: 51530 Cramant
Address: 4, Allée des Bouleaux
(+33) 0326575826
Year established: 1981
Production (bottles): 40.000
Vineyard area: 6,5
Brands: Petitjean-Pienne Brut, Extra Brut, Sec, Cuvée de Reserve, Cuvée de Traditión, Millésime y Carte Noire.
Price: 13,30 €

A Blanc de Blancs gathered from estate vineyards with the maximum qualifications regarding territory: Grand Cru. The vineyard’s production is very limited, speaking to the artisanal qualities of the product. This champagne has weight and body both in the nose as well as on the mouth, but even more acutely in the latter. The chardonnay is expressed in all its splendor, with a subtle acidity, recalling lime and apple, patently fresh, but also substantial, creamy and full of character – pervading the palate.