Pomoroso 01

Pomoroso 01

Type: Tinto
Country: Italy
Region: Barbera de Asti
City: 14053 Canelli (Asti)
Address: Via Alba, 66
(+39) 0141823146
Year established: 1892
Production (bottles): 400.000
Vineyard area: 56
Brands: Pomorosso, Camp du Rouss, L’Avvocata, Rotondino, Alterego, Mondaccione, Monteriolo, Costebianche, Gavi, Brachetto d’Acqui, Moncalvina, Brut 1999 “Reserva Coppo”
Price: 21 €

A wine which has a smooth drinkable quality and is at once suggestive by its sprinkling of attractive tones, like red, lively berries, even blackberries, as well as licorice, toasty overtones, tobacco and spices. The mineral character predominates, ratified by a constant and subtle acidity.

100% Barbera. Aged for 15 months in new barrels. Bottled in June of 2003. 25,000 units.