Risotto Black

Risotto Negro de Sepia con Esfera de All i Oli
L´ Escaleta
Cuisinier: Kiko Moya
Pays: España
Localité: 03824 Cocentaina.
Adresse: Subida estación del norte, 205
(+34) 965592100.

This is the local version (Alicante) of black rice, a clear Italian vision, defined as risotto, which differs from the Spanish rice dishes made with cuttlefish and ink. A creamy proposal in which the cuttlefish’s taste and gelatinousness and the cod’s skins make the sauce even important as the cereal. Both express themselves jointly and separately through a delicious harmony that allows them to preserve all their respective identity. The garlic mayonnaise, blended with the structure, brings originality and chromatism. A different approach of rice inspired by the combination of two cult...