Capelli submergés dans une soupe piquante de fruits de mer

Cappelli en sopa picante a los frutos de mar
La Peca
Cuisinier: Nicola Portinari
Pays: Italia
Localité: 36045 Lonigo
Adresse: Via Giovanelli, 2
(+39) 0444830214

Nicola Portinari personifies thoughtfulness. He sets harmony as a goal and an accomplishment. Here is an example whose formula has a bit of everything: imagination, harmony, complexity, beauty, exquisiteness, potency, balance. The mind and palate are expressed like an infallible scale. Modernized flavors with a memory for history. Italian par excellence. Pasta as a vehicle for very defined elements: bitter, spicy, iodized, sweet, a touch meaty… and the Treviso chicory is omnipresent, presented raw, blanched and dehydrated. The Veneto countryside cannot be modernized with greater talent.