Classification Of The I Competition “IN SEARCH OF THE KNOW-IT-ALL GOURMET”

These are the classifications after the first round: we will continue to post new classifications until October 31st, with the final taking place during the “VII Congress” in San Sebastian, November 20-23, 2006. The top prize is 6,000€.

14 points: José Luis Rodríguez of Utrera (Sevilla) and Sebastián Redondo of Gavà (Barcelona).
13 points: Antonio Botana of Cambados (Pontevedra), Ricardo Tena of Tarrasa (Barcelona) and Vicent Torres of Pego (Alicante)
12 points: Eva Sánchez of Piedras Blancas (Asturias).
11 points: Leo Ceoneie of Montecatni Terme (Italy) and Beatriz García of Madrid.
10 points: Jon Koldo Berastegi of Vera (Almería) and Rogelio Enríquez of Madrid.
The list continues down to those with three correct answers, counting 585 questionnaires sent in.
The first award of products valued at 2,000 € will be split between José Luis Rodríguez and Sebastián Redondo.

1. Which chef of nouvelle cuisine, and with which work, decisively contributed to the implementation of the concepts of lightness and healthiness as inherent in haute cuisine?

Michel Guérard y La Cuisine Minceur

2. Which variety of grape is most planted in Piemonte?


3. Traditionally, what is the difference between Iberian pork loin made in Guijuelo and Jabugo?

The smoking of Jabugo ham stands out more than in Guijuelo ham. It is also more seasoned (paprika, etc.) than the Guijuelo.

4. Carlo Cracco has given various products a special treatment. One in particular stands out. Which?

The egg. The technique of egg with salt has multiple applications such as the spaghetti with yolk, among others.

5. Which vegetable is Puy famous for?

Green lentils

6. What are the two most popular cheese dishes in Switzerland?

Fondue y raclette

7. What is a blanc de blancs?

A sparkling wine, fundamentally champagne, made exclusively with white grapes: chardonnay, for example.

8. Which artisan chocolatier is the most prestigious in Brussels?

Pierre Marcolini

9. Which current chef stands out above all for his usage of foie gras?

Michel Bras

10. Name three historic dishes of Ferran Adrià

Hot gelatins, airs, foams, lyophilizations… lobster gazpacho, Gaudi red mullet, two meter spaghetti, golden egg, melon or apple caviar, thaw, cheese bread with fruit and nut muesli, vegetable stew in different textures, bone marrow with caviar, etc.

11. Choose your five favorite chefs worldwide

Adrià, Bras, Berasategui, Dacosta, Veyrat, Ducasse, Alajmo (these were the most cited dishes, among another 20 or so other names…)

12. What is the most famous dish with cod in Italy?

Cod Mantecato

13. What do Arzak and Marchesi have in common?

The chefs that are leading the new cuisines of Italy and Spain.

14. What is the most revered Provençal dish ?


15. Name three appellations of olive oil in Jaén

Cazorla, Segura y Magina